Meteosense is a manufacturer of a small, cheap, reliable and effective weather radars.

We detect rain, storms, showers, hail, snow and any other objects in the air in the range up to 260 km.

Only a basic infrastructure is needed to run our radars – 110/230V and basic internet connection needed. Radars are easy to maintain and the data come automaticaly through simple internet interface.

The reach of our radars is up to 260 km for storms and 110 km for light rain!

1-minute image updates in 10+ vertical levels. HD resolution – 150m per pixel.

Compact weather radar is possible to install within 2-5 working days with small crew of experienced personel.

We can install on any location as long as it has electricity and internet connection.

For a fraction of the price of our competitors we are achieving results comparable to high end Doppler radars. By a recent price/performance survey, Meteosense radars are priced at around 15-35 % of the price of most of the competitors while beating them in many performance characteristics.



Meteosense Radar Mark II. Specifications



Maximum range / scanner unit 96, 114 or 150 Nautical miles max. (depending on terrain & scanner type, min. 6 feet array)
Maximum cell separation / image resolution 200 m/pixel (96 Nm), 250 m/pixel (114Nm) or 300 m/pixel (150 nm ranges), min 6 feet array
Close-range option availability Yes, 4, 8, 16 or 32 Nautical miles scanning available with all antennas with extra resolution
Close-range scanning true resolution ~15, 30, 60 or 120 m/pixel (for all scanners), min. 6 feet array
Reflectivity level separation / graduality 128 leves max., 32 typically usable (above STNR)
Vertical beam opening angle 1.8° (Parabolic antenna unit)
Sensing distance of convective storms 96, 114 or 150 nauticl miles (depending on scanner type)
Sensing distance of light rain 16, 32 or 48 nautucal miles (for the same models)
Power requirement 12V DC, 90-150 W constant supply (may need 500W for startup, max. 1 sec)
Internet connectivity requirement Normal, unrestricted Internet access with DHCP router / access point, min. 1 Mbit/sec upload speed
Number of local devices 3 (Scanner+antenna unit, control box, imagery preprocessor set-top-box)
Working enviroment -20..+50 C°, max. 150 km/h wind, waterproof (scanner+antenna unit)
0-30 C°, must be shielded, non-waterproof (control box, imagery preprocessor set-top box)
Sizes 150x150x300 cm (Parabolic antenna scanner unit)
1x1x0.3 feet or 30x30x10 cm (control box)
0.3×0.3×0.1 feet (imagery preprocessor)
30 feet (antenna cable)
Weights 200 kg (Parabolic antenna+scanner unit)
1 kg or 2.2 pounds (control box)
0.1 kg or 0.22 pounds (preprocessor device)
4 kg or 8.8 pounds (antenna cable)
Human safety / minimum distance 10 to 50 m is required as a minimum safety distance when the scanner is operating


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We have been operating Meteosense radar since 2012 and it works great.
We raised our viewership and credibility of our weather programming.

Roland Kubina – Head of News&Programming, TV JOJ, Slovakia

We are very happy with both the cooperation with Meteosense and the radar itself.

Its value for money and performance exceeded our expectations.

Marcos Massari – CEO Somar Meteorologia, Sao Paolo, Brasil